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What is a EVC Throttle Controller?

The EVC Throttle controller allows you to customise the responsiveness of your vehicle's throttle to match your preferred style of driving. The EVC remaps the throttles power distribution to allow either an increase or decrease in the throttles sensitivity, delivering a more punchy or more relaxed performance profile at your fingertips

EVC controllers come with a number of different power distribution levels allowing you to select the performance profile that meets your mood.

Simple to Install

The EVC Throttle Controllers are a plug and play product, easily installed in 5-10 minutes. If you can change a lightbulb on your vehicle you can install one of these! Simply connect in-line between the factory plug and throttle pedal assembly. The Display/Controller can be placed on the dash or console of the vehicle.

EVC Throttle Controllers are simple to install. The Controller is easily connected in line with the throttle pedal and factory plug. While the LED controller can be fitting to the dashboard or console. *The location of the LED should be positioned to ensure no driver distraction.  

Safe for your car

Our Throttle Controllers are 100% safe to use. As part of development, we test the controllers to ensure they do not override or impede any vehicle safety features. Each controller is also then subject to a quality control test before packaging.

Once that's all said and done, we further support our Throttle Controllers by backing them with a lifetime replacement warranty & 30-day money-back guarantee. So you have confidence & peace of mind in your purchase.

Controllers developed for newly released vehicles are also stringently tested before their release to ensure optimal performance & compatibility.

EVC Throttle controllers go through stringent development and quality control testing to ensure they work in harmony with the manufacturers safety parameters. Your Throttle Controller comes with a 30 day full refund and  lifetime replacement so you can buy with confidence!

Designed to complement performance modifications.

EVC Throttle controllers are designed to complement performance modifications. The simple user interface provides you the throttle sensitivity to suit your Tune, Remap, Chip, Reflash and driving style, all at the tips of your fingers. 

What if I just push my pedal really hard?

Your cars throttle is electronically set to deliver power in a certain way. These settings can only be adjusted electronically. Installing an EVC Throttle controller electronically  provides you with 8 modes and 23 different sensitivity profiles so you select the way you want the throttle to deliver power.

Although the EVC Throttle Controller does not add extra horsepower, it will increase front end power and acceleration.  

FACTORY MODE: Your throttle will revert to the settings, set by the manufacturer

ULTIMATE MODE: offers a range of 9 power profiles. From level 1 for a relaxed smooth ride to level 9 for a hold on to your hat, see you suckers later, feel.

ECONOMY MODE: provides a power profile below what the factory has set this allows for a more relaxed and economic drive around town or smooth power at low speeds when tackling tricky 4WD tracks or towing.

AUTOMATIC CONTROL MODE: The minder reader, Automatic control mode selects the power profile for you. It reads the pressure applied to the pedals and delivers the mode to suit your mood.

ULTIMATE 9 MODE: Want to fly? Ultimate 9 will provide you with the fastest throttle setting your vehicle can offer.

LAUNCH MODE: Launch mode is the refined cousin of Ultimate 9 with all the power ready to go, with some tweaks to minimise wheel spin for a quick getaway.

ADAPT MODE: Adapts to the pressure you provide the throttle to deliver a sensitivity profile to match.

ANTI-SLIP MODE:  provides 9 levels of reduced maximum throttle and RPM. The higher the sensitivity the more control you get.

VALET MODE: Valet mode reduces the throttle to around 50% to make parking a breeze.

LOCK MODE: lock all throttle input to keep your vehicle safe from thieves.