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This semi-synthetic hydraulic fluid is specially adapted to the requirements of Mercedes-Benz and is primarily suitable for vehicles of types 203.2 and 210 with tandem pumps (common oil reservoir for steering and level control). The specifications and instructions from the assembly or vehicle manufacturer must be followed. Central hydraulic oil 2200 can also be used for refilling in systems. Optimum effect only when the product is used unmixed. The instructions of the vehicle-/aggregate manufacturer are to be followed!


LIQUI MOLY central hydraulic system oils meet the highest technical requirements and are suitable for a wide range of automotive applications. The carefully selected formulations made from the best raw materials ensure excellent temperature properties and guarantee the full function of the systems even at the lowest temperatures of up to –45 °C. All central hydraulic system oils are impressive thanks to excellent wear, aging and corrosion protection as well as optimum friction values and minimal foaming tendency.



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