IE MK5 & MK6 2.0T 3 Catted Downpipe
IE MK5 & MK6 2.0T 3 Catted Downpipe2
IE MK5 & MK6 2.0T 3 Catted Downpipe4
IE MK5 & MK6 2.0T 3 Catted Downpipe5
IE MK5 & MK6 2.0T 3 Catted Downpipe6
IE MK5 & MK6 2.0T 3 Catted Downpipe
IE MK5 & MK6 2.0T 3 Catted Downpipe2
IE MK5 & MK6 2.0T 3 Catted Downpipe4
IE MK5 & MK6 2.0T 3 Catted Downpipe5
IE MK5 & MK6 2.0T 3 Catted Downpipe6

IE Catted Downpipe EA113 | MK5GTI & MK6R 2.0TFSI 3"

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Are you ready to go faster and make more horsepower? A must for running a stage 2 tune in your VW GTI or GLI! The IE 3" stainless steel downpipe is the best bolt-on mod for your stock or K04 turbo. It's also equipped with a high-flow performance catalytic converter (CAT) that reduces unpleasant smells and minimizes unwanted cabin drone.


  • Massive power and torque gains with matching ECU tune
  • Allows for Stage 2 or K04 turbo ECU tunes
  • 1.5mm thick 304 stainless steel pipe construction
  • 16mm thick turbo flange - prevents warping and leaks
  • 200 cell metal matrix CAT reduces emissions and smell without power loss
  • V-band mid-pipe connection for a leak free seal
  • Interlock core tough flex section allows engine movement without stress cracking
  • All installation hardware included -no unwanted trips to the parts store


Equipping your MK5 or MK6 2.0T engine with an IE catted downpipe delivers additional horsepower, torque, and responsiveness when coupled with a matching Stage 2 or K04 turbo upgrade ECU tune. These significant power gains are added through the entire RPM band by allowing the turbocharger to flow freely through the 3" downpipe, high-flow catalytic converter, and mid-pipe. Careful tuning of the added sound from freeing up exhaust flow rewards you with an aggressive exhaust growl every time you touch the accelerator while minimizing cabin drone.

All IE exhaust systems are designed in-house using state of the art digital scanning for a perfect fit and manufactured from 1.5mm thick wall 304 stainless steel offering a lifetime of performance and fun.


Give your car an aggressive motorsport sound that will keep you addicted to the throttle pedal without annoying exhaust drone. Engineered with thick-wall tubing and precise bends the downpipe opens up an unrestricted exhaust with a tuned sound without the "tinny" drone common on cheap catless downpipe options.


IE's performance downpipe for the MK5 & MK6 2.0T engines include a high-flow 200 cell per inch metal matrix catalyst (CAT) on the mid pipe section. This included CAT greatly reduces emissions output and unwanted offensive smells common on all catless systems, without losing horsepower! Have all the benefits of catless performance and none of the drawbacks with the IE high-flow CAT system.


The IE downpipe replaces the majority of the factory exhaust from the turbocharger all the way back to the factory rear exhaust just before the axles. The 16mm turbo flange bolts to the stock or a K04 turbocharger. The downpipe section includes a new mount bracket and utilizes the factory mount points along with a tough interlock core flex section, this allows engine and chassis movement without stressing or cracking your downpipe. Easily connect the downpipe and catted mid-pipe using the simple and strong v-band connection. Finally, the mid pipe mounts to the stock rear exhaust with the included 3" to 60mm slip-fit sleeve, or easily adapt it to your cat-back exhaust of choice. In-house digitally scanned and designed for an exact fit and includes all hardware to make the install easy and straight forward.



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Audi A3 8P (2006-2013) 2.0T FSI & TSI

VW Golf GTI MK5 (2006-2009) 2.0T FSI & TSI

VW Golf GTI MK6 (2010-2014) 2.0T TSI

VW Jetta/GLI MK5 (2006-2010) 2.0T FSI & TSI 

VW Jetta/GLI (2010-2013) 2.0T FSI & TSI (non Gen 3)


Does NOT fit EA888 Gen 3 engines found in some late model (2013+) MK6 Jetta & GLI. Please verify engine type before purchasing.