IE VW Audi 4 Cylinder Torque Plate
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VW/Audi 4 Cylinder Torque Plate

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Prevent early engine failure, worn piston rings, oil blow-by, compression loss, and false engine measurements when installing aftermarket over-bore forged pistons into your VW/Audi 4 cylinder. Bore, hone, and assemble your performance short block build with confidence using an IE Torque Plate!

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Machine work is required to bore and hone the engine block when installing overbore pistons or stroker kits into VW/Audi engines. It is very important to have the proper piston and bore clearances within spec on aftermarket forged piston alloys to ensure long and reliable operation and compression. Often times, boring and honing the block will measure within specified clearances without the cylinder head bolted on. However, once the cylinder head is bolted down the entire block is torqued into a new shape pulling your perfect round cylinders into an oval changing your measured clearances. This can lead to early piston ring failure, compression loss, increased piston and bore wear, and blow-by issues.


Using an IE Torque Plate to bore and hone your VW/Audi 4 cylinder engine block ensures the cylinders are as round as possible. A torque plate acts as a cylinder head bolted onto the block during the machine work, distorting the block into the shape it will be during running conditions. A torque plate is the only way to reliably deliver true round cylinders and proper piston to bore measurement clearances.


For the best bore and hone results, it is highly recommended to not only use a torque plate to machine your short block but to also install the torque plate using the exact hardware and torque you intend to use for installing the cylinder head. Aftermarket head bolts and head stud kits increase the bolt-down torque spec further altering the block shape once the head is installed. This IE Torque Plate includes precision machined spacers and hardened steel shims allowing factory length bolts or studs so you can bore your engine using the fasteners you intend to run.


  • Fits all VW & Audi 4 cylinder gas engines from 1983 - 2016+

Fits all VW & Audi 4 cylinder gas engines from 1983 - 2016+