milltekt MK6 turbo back

Mk6 GTI Turbo-Back Decat System

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3-inch Race System with Black Trims


    • MSVAG04: Cast Large Bore Downpipe with De-cat

    • MSVW351: Front Connecting Pipe

    • MSVW352: Centre Silencer Assembly

    • MSVW353: Twin Rear Silencer Assembly

    • MSVW355 x2: Matt-Black Tip

Perhaps Milltek's biggest strength is their close collaboration with manufacturers and dealerships. This co-operation ensures that almost as soon as a vehicle becomes available, there is a full Milltek exhaust system to fit it. From downpipes to high flow cats and cat-back systems to compliment it.

Although they are best known for their excellence on the VW Audi Group scene. Milltek have expanded their range over the past few years to include a huge range of makes/models including Mercedes, Range Rover, Porsche, BMW and Nissan. All Milltek systems are mandrel bent to ensure maximum flow. Moreover Milltek make sure that before they release a product it is tested extensively for quality and durability, in real world road situations and rolling roads until engineers are happy with it. Enjoy great Milltek discounts at Progressive Parts.

Volkswagen Golf Mk6 (2009 - 2014) Mk6 GTi 2.0 TSI 210PS