RacingLine Air Filter Cleaning Kit

RacingLine Air Filter Cleaning Kit

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Introducing the RacingLine Oil and Cleaner Kit, a comprehensive solution equipped with both a cleaning fluid and reoiling spray. To maintain optimal performance, RacingLine recommends cleaning and reoiling the filter element every 10,000 miles/16,000 km or conducting a visual inspection at least every 6 months.

The process is straightforward, ensuring your filter consistently enhances power compared to standard car filters. For vehicles frequently exposed to dry or dusty conditions, it is advisable to clean and re-oil the filter more frequently.

While neglecting the recommended cleaning intervals won't compromise filtration or engine protection, it will result in the loss of performance benefits derived from the increased air flow of a clean filter. Additionally, the lifespan of the filter element may be shortened.

It's important to note that only RacingLine’s Trifoam® is compatible with the cleaning and re-oiling products in this kit. Using non-approved cleaning agents may cause the filter material to rapidly deteriorate, leading to voided warranties. Trust the RacingLine Oil and Cleaner Kit for optimal filter maintenance and prolonged filter life.



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