Turbo Muffler Delete – MK7 GTI/R, 8V S3, 5E VRS

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Improve the aural sound of your turbocharger


Racingline Performance is pleased to provide our importers and stockists with detailed information, key tech specs, pricing and compatibility for the VWR Turbo Muffler Delete. A simple and cost effective upgrade for any MQB-platform car using the 1.8T and 2.0T EA888 TSI engines with the IHI turbo.

The VWR Turbo Muffler Delete is a simple and cost-effective upgrade for any MQB-platform car using the 1.8T and 2.0T EA888 TSI engines with the IHI turbo.

The VWR Turbo Muffler Delete is a sleek single billet design which replaces the restrictive, power-robbing OEM part with allowing a smooth, turbulence free air path exiting the turbo.

What does it do? The standard part is located on the outlet of the turbo compressor and is simply designed to reduce engine bay acoustics. Whilst it subdues the harmonic noises generated by the turbo, it also adds in disruptive turbulence to the airflow right where you don’t want it.

By replacing the standard part with our VWR Turbo Muffler Delete it is possible to replace this restrictive section with a straight, uninterrupted piece. The result: better boost response giving a little more power, as well as being able to actually hear the turbo working.

    • COMPATIBILITY -The VWR Turbo Muffler Delete is compatible with all factory IHI turbos used in the MQB EA888 engined 1.8 and 2.0 cars.
    • POWER GAINS -By smoothing the airflow path out of the turbocharger, eliminating the restriction and turbulence caused by the OEM part, a small but useful power gain is made.
    • SOUND QUALITY -Any enthusiast wants to hear their engine working – and the VWR Turbo Muffler Delete will allow their turbo to join in, with a gentle improvement in turbo sound quality.
    • HIGH QUALITY -CNC constructed from T6-6061 aircraft grade aluminium and hard anodised in gloss black to reduce wear. The white laser-etched Racingline logo is the final touch.
    • SIMPLE FITTING – Fitting is very straightforward. The kit is installed in around 30 minutes using just hand tools. It is also easy to return to standard if desired.

  • MATCHED COMPONENTRY -The VWR Turbo Muffler Delete is perfectly matched to work in harmony with other Racingline parts. Power and response gains are particularly worthwhile when combined with the VWR Turbo Inlet Pipe and R600 Cold Air Intake.

And easily returned to standard, should you ever wish.


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